This is apocalypse: God said,”Let there be corona.”

When I was young ,really young, I was convinced that in year 2020, there would be flying cars like in “Back to the future” and spaceships like in “Star trek.” And here I am, in 2020. No flying cars, no spaceships. Just washbasin, sanitizer and mask. Trying hard to live through a pandemic for which apparently no country in this world, including the leaders of economic and technological advances, had a contingency plan for. Really?!

Since I remembered, I have always been very much appreciative of human race, though it might sound really biased, seeing that I myself is one.

But, I am from the “Generation of transitions” that has seen the Green colored monochromatic Nokia phone morphing into the ultra-thin-almost-a-computer smartphone I have today.

I have lived in those days of the past when we had little idea what internet was through to the present day when internet is basically a necessity of my life. How can I not be awed by human race! Have tigers and fishes done anything this awesome? No.

But, then, why can we not do anything apart from washing hands and covering mouths to be safe from a virus. Why is it that the most death count is in the ‘almighty’ United States!

We probably got arrogant. We got too busy building nuclear bombs so that in the 3rd world war we can have an apocalypse in which all of us will go out in a blaze of glory. Or so we thought by watching all those Hollywood apocalypse movies.

Remeber while watching the bomb he built go off, what “Father of Atom bomb” Robert Oppenheimer said? He said ,” I am become death.” Well no Sir. Not yet. Too bad for you and for us, this here right now, fighting to live on the face of a pandemic with no actual means to be cured if infected; This is apocalypse.

Noah’s ark

Now, Every apocalypse in all those holy books and in those movies happened for the same reason. To make human see some error in their ways or something important they have missed while racing ahead towards the sky, so that those who survived can start over.

Looks like this one came to make us halt and think over. And We had to pause. The whole human race paused and we became aware of our undeserving arrogance. For the first time in decades. We remembered very sourly that we still have a way long way to go.

And go we will. We will survive this, because as six million years of evidence points out, come virus or atom bomb or probably even the wrath of God themselves, human and cockroaches will always be here on the face of this earth. Thats how tenacious human is.

Then, we will think of doing something to put an end to our powerless selves. And from that ,a few extraordinary ones will make something great happen ,again. Because that’s what human do.

If after having meat and fruits for food, fire and caves for a safe home and enough means for sex and offspring, those pre-historic ancestors of ours’ would be contented, and said ” Okay. We have everything now. Let’s live on like this.” we would not be here.

But , we are here. A way long way from that. Because human was never and will never be contented. And that is why we will for sure, have flying cars and spaceships and someday a world where nobody dies of virus.Or nobody dies ever.( Probably too much to ask, but who knows😋)

So yes , This is apocalypse. But it cannot stop us. Not today, not ever. Why? Because we are the humans. (Arrogance still there😁)

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