BL/Shounen Ai Watchlist 1

Source: Google Dokyuusei BL Shonen Ai Anime


The boys: Classmates. One is a delinquent band member, the other is a top student with a love for music. They bond over a song

Length: Movie.

BL meter: 10/10. Love at its best. Of course, it has kisses. Sweet ones. hot ones.No explicit scenes.

Comment : One of those movies that make you smile without realizing it. A must watch for anybody who adores love in any form. With a realistic and engaging storyline, this movie will leave you wanting more at the same time feeling utterly satisfied.



The boys: My favorite kind; both boys are equally sized and strong. It tells the story of a young heir of a yakuza family and his childhood friend.

Length: OVA. 2 episodes

BL meter: 9/10. Loved it. there are some scenes to look forward to. Not explicit.

Comment : Really fun. A light watch. There are fightings, kissings, nemeses, comedy and more; everything you need to occupy you for a couple of hours.

Papa Datte Shitai BL Yaoi Anime


The boys: A young single father of a cute tiny child and a college student who works as their housekeeper. Nothing can go wrong there!

Length: 12 episodes it has but each of duration 5 mins. So, it is a 60 min movie really.

BL meter: ?/10. To be honest, this is porn with a reasonable storyline. So I am confused as to how I should rate it.

Comment : As I said, lots of steamy scenes. The art is really good. the characters are good looking. If you are in a mood for hot and bothered kind, then this anime is bound to sate your fujoshi soul!